A healthcare-focused artificial intelligence startup built for the now. We drive clinical and business outcomes via best in class machine learning and deep learning solutions in population health management, patient engagement, and revenue cycle management.

Patient Engagement

AI-powered patient engagement platform designed to promote meaningful patient interactions through a variety of features; including web, phone, & AI chatbot. DocSynk makes the life of the patient and the physician easier, and improves clinical outcomes and reduces costs of treatment.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our AI-RCM engine positively affects critical stages within the revenue cycle, such as contract management and denials, and goes far beyond the existing static rules-based engines and other manual interactions. The advanced platform allows staff to focus on patient interaction and work more effectively.

Population Health Insights

Our patented ensemble of AI technologies identifies patients who are at risk of chronic disease. Our model goes beyond existing technologies and models and allows us to even find patients with sparse healthcare interactions, which is incredibly valuable for patients, clinicians, and payers.

Giving Patients a Second Chance at a Healthy Life

20 Million
Lives Improved
1 Billion
Healthcare Data Points
Non-Provisional Patents
Only 1
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